Calmei Yangmei

Our goal is to bring yangmei to produce shelves near you.

With much pride and excitement, we are excited to announce that we will have a limited amount of yangmei fruit for sale at Bi-rite this June.

More details to come!

What is Yangmei?

Ranging from beautiful shades of purple velvet to ruby red, and creamy white, with a deeply satisfying flavor and pleasant mix of sugar and acid, yangmei truly is a sensual delight.

Beyond being delicious and beautiful to behold, yangmei’s robust health benefits have, since antiquity, been highly esteemed by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. Modern scientific studies, in verification of traditional medicine’s high regard for yangmei’s health-giving properties, have found that yangmei is rich in antioxidants and extremely nutritious. 

Chinese farmers, over thousands of years, have developed increasingly superb cultivars prized for their color, flavor, fragrance, and shape. While yangmei has long been popular around its place of origin, Southern China, it is only now over the last few decades, thanks to modern infrastructure, that yangmei cultivation has exploded in China.


The amount of acres devoted to yangmei production in China is double the acreage of U.S. apple production.

About Calmei

Currently, it is impossible for U.S. consumers to purchase fresh yangmei anywhere in the U.S.  we aim to solve this problem by becoming the first U.S. producer of yangmei.

It began in 2011 in a suburban backyard in Fremont, California, where Yunfei Chen, a scientist by trade, germinated his first yangmei seed. Within a few years, and after much trial and error, Yunfei succeeded in producing yangmei fruit of the highest quality. In an effort to share this delicious and nutritious fruit with the wider public, Yunfei and Charlie formed Calmei, Inc.

We look forward to providing consumers with the opportunity to enjoy the taste and health benefits of yangmei, a fruit beloved in China for several millennia.


Yunfei Chen

Founder, CEO, and Director

Equipped with nearly a decade of yangmei cultivation experience, and with personal connections to Chinese professionals, Yunfei is an expert in all things yangmei.

As a native of China’s Zhejiang Province, Yunfei grew up in a region famous for its yangmei production. After coming to the U.S. to pursue a Ph.D. in biology and subsequently settling in the Bay Area, Yunfei devoted himself to the unlikely goal of being the first grower in the U.S. to grow top quality yangmei. He succeeded. Yunfei’s backyard is now home to the first superior-quality yangmei producing trees in the United States. His backyard has been featured in a documentary, has been the subject of academic studies, and is the envy of many growers.

Charlie Lucero

Founder and Director

For Charlie, yangmei is located at a sweet spot where his interests in China, exotic fruit, and the law converge. As a UC Hastings law student with a background in helping founders form companies in novel sectors, and having lived and worked in China for a number of years, Charlie is eager to utilize his professional skills and indulge his passion for agriculture in making yangmei in the U.S. happen.


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